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My Story

I have been involved in fitness for over 25 years having competed in Athletics Internationally for Great Britain and Northern Ireland until retirement in 2001 through injury. Over the last few years I have  developed a passion for yoga and therefore decided to follow that passion and train as a teacher. I enjoy the relaxation effect and connection to your body and the feeling of wellness which yoga brings with it. I also love how yoga  can be performed out in Nature, to allow you to really connect with the earth. Now I've completed my Yoga teacher training I would like to share my passion with others to help them connect and feel good about themselves, along with achieving the physical benefits. Why not take a little time to feel your breath? Come join me!

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Amare Yoga by Victoria 

Victoria Kennedy 

Loves family, travelling and being in nature 

Meet Victoria

'Welcome to Amare Yoga By Victoria. I'm here to guide and help you on your yoga journey. Let's connect with each other and learn to connect with ourselves and enjoy calmness, whilst assisting our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.' 

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